(Re-announcement): NEWBIE channel on mailing lists...

(Re-announcement): NEWBIE channel on mailing lists...

Post by Karl Fog » Wed, 16 Jun 1993 12:30:06

        (This is essentially a repeat announcement of an earlier post.
I put it here because I figure the people who really need to see it
may not be reading comp.os.linux.announce.)

        There is now a channel on the mailing lists specifically for
new Linux users (either just new to Linux or new to Unix in general).
This channel is meant to be a forum where *no* question is too stupid,
and no one will ever be flamed for asking "inappropriate" questions.
It seems to have been pretty successful so far:  I've seen quite a few
questions get answered on the NEWBIE channel when they might have been
considered too basic or not Linux-specific enough for the NORMAL

        If you are a newcomer to Linux, or an experienced user who
wants to help out, please join the NEWBIE channel by sending mail to

the very *first* line of your message body:

X-Mn-Admin: join NEWBIE

        That's all.  I hope some people find it useful!


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1. NEWBIE channel on the Linux mailing list, join now!

Please note that I am posting this for Karl, who is unable to post right now.
So please direct your queries/comments to him.  I probably can't help
you.  He is able to send/receive mail.

        This is to announce the creation of channel NEWBIE on the
Linux mailing lists.  The purpose of this channel is to provide a
place where no question is too stupid to ask.  No one will ever be
flamed on the newbie channel for asking a FAQ, or for asking questions
that are really about X Windows (or GCC, or TeX, or whatever) and not
about Linux.  ANY question is okay on the newbie channel!  Hopefully
some experienced Linuxers will subscribe to it as well. I promise to
stay subscribed as long the number of messages remains under 50 per
day; after that, I may have second thoughts... :-)

        To join this new list, send mail to

message (or put it in the headers):

X-Mn-Admin: join newbie

        Then, later, if you need to post something to the NEWBIE
channel, send mail to the same address, but with this as the first
line (or in a header):

X-Mn-Key: newbie

        Notice the difference between "X-Mn-Admin" and "X-Mn-Key" -- a
lot of times people substitute "Key" for "Admin" and everyone on the
mailing list ends up reading someone's administrative request.

        That's all.  I'm looking forward to reading a lot of questions
that people were too afraid to ask on the NORMAL channel -- and I hope
that the NEWBIE channel can cut down on some of the more basic (and
often only marginally Linux-specific) questions on NORMAL.

-karl fogel

End of announcement.

Just say no to flames.

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