Where to find sources for compressing programs?

Where to find sources for compressing programs?

Post by Dimitrov T Mit » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 11:17:28


A friend of mine who does not have access to Usenet is looking for sources
in C for compressing and archiving programs, something like arj or zip.
He would like to use them to write a compressing program in Unix.

Any suggestions?

Please reply directly to me since I do not read this group.




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I am using Corel linux.

For example, suppose I want to look at the source code
for /usr/sbin/arp.

I have the source code for linux kernel itself, and I see
the file


But the above has no 'main()' in it, so it only provides
the kernel functions called by the /usr/sbin/arp binary.

But where do I find the code for /usr/sbin/arp itself?

any idea where to look?


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