SLS 1.01

SLS 1.01

Post by ham.. » Thu, 22 Apr 1993 09:13:05

Have any mirror sites of tsx-11 managed to get SLS 1.01 yet? I can't get onto
tsx-11 (Too many anonymous users for the last week), and nothing on any of the
mirrors looks like its new enough to be the new version. ANyone know if the
posting about 1.01 was justa  joke? Or is tsx-11 too busy for even the mirrors
to log onto?


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SLS 1.01

Post by Bill Broadl » Fri, 23 Apr 1993 03:22:51

Just use fsp, worked for me.  (no user limit, much less load on host,
and more reliable.)


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Does anyone know how the kernel comes configured for SLS 1.01.  Also, why
on bootup does it not detect so many different Ethernet cards (WD, 3C,
HP...) but now that I have recompiled it only doesn't find WD (no mention
of the others anymore).  I looked through the sources and couldn't find any
mention of why the stock kernel even knows about the other cards (the FAQ
tells you to FTP the drivers).  Thanks.


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