Cirrus Logic VGA

Cirrus Logic VGA

Post by Erik Prop » Thu, 04 Mar 1993 18:10:50

   my sweet little notebook has a vga chip from cirrus.
It is a GD610/620 Rev C, with a V3.03 VGA bios.
What I ned to know about this baby is, the hardware address
to switch between lcd and crt mode, and furthemore, the
hardware address to switch of the display... although that may be
tricked by switching to crt mode.

   Furthermore .... do the controllers for the harddisk in
a notebook have io-addresses to switch on and off the power of
the harddisk (mine does switch of the power, but I'd like to control
this from within Linux), and to detect this.

   What about the battary low alarm? Can this be detected from
within Linux?

Although I still hope that the above matters are standard for all
notebooks, I fear that every company has hacked its own stuff...

PS: my bios is a 386SX bios from american megatrends... maybe
that forces a standard on the IO addresses..

Again, when I receive a lot of reactions, I'll make a summary.
I do think it is about time to take a closer look at Linux
on notebooks .... hell SunOS is running on portable sparcs...
so lets port linux

Erik Proper



Cirrus Logic VGA

Post by Robert Nati » Fri, 05 Mar 1993 05:33:03

I just called Cirrus Logic to get their data-sheets for this
chip-set. I am planning to experiment with switching the
LCD off for screen blanking, and try switching to an external
monitor. Cirrus Logic said that they would send me the data sheets
in about 2 weeks. I will forward any information to you if you want.

PS. I am also interested int the pocket ethernet adapter, but
do not have any plans to work on a driver right now.


1. Help with Cirrus Logic vga

I have just installed Linux and can run X with the Mono server.
My board (it's a notebook computer) has an uncommon chipset.
The manual (computer's) and various Dos programs verify that it is VESA
It also has compatability with Cirrus Logic of course.

This is all I know about the video board:

chip: Cirrus Logic  CL-GD62x5   (or CL-GD6225)
video ram: 512k
horz    vert    depth           mode number( hex )              VESA mode ( hex)
640     480     8               5f                              101
800     600     8               5c                              103
800     600     4               58 or 6a                        102
1024    768     4               5d                              104    (non int.)

I would like to use the second and fourth modes with Linux.
Is this possible?
I have just started learning Linux and do not know much about it.
I hope someone could help me. ( Should I contact Cirrus Logic?)
Thank you,

Jason Heym

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