buglet in xc version xc+rz (latest version)

buglet in xc version xc+rz (latest version)

Post by christopher willia » Sun, 16 May 1993 18:44:01

the version of xc+rz i got had a slight bug.

line 391, of xcmain.c reads like this:

            if (!strchr(shell,"/")) {

it should read like this:

            if (!strchr(shell,'/')) {

from a cursory grep, it doesn't appear that this is the case
anywhere else in the source.

this bug manifested itself by a "failed exec!" message whenever
you tried to use '!', '! command', or '$ command'. because of
the double vs single quotes, shell was "/bin//bin/sh" at the
end of that particular block of code.

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It just struck me odd that the latest is 2.4.2 while the prepatches were
2.4.3 so I figured there must be something I missed in between (my logic
told me that a 2.4.3 patch would be against a 2.4.3 something ;-).

BTW, I haven't seen any announcements from Linus in this mailing list
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