monitor settings for new Xfree 1.2

monitor settings for new Xfree 1.2

Post by Gregg Jens » Fri, 16 Apr 1993 00:39:02

OK, I took the plunge and upgraded my X to 1.2 (via SLS).  I was running with
a 832x600 at 36 just fine.  I put in the EXACT same information in the Xconfig
and when I ctl-alt-+ over to that setting the screen is all out of sync and
messy.  My setup is as follows: Samsung Multi-sync monitor with a Diamond
Speedstar Plus.  With the previous version of X this set up worked just fine
(no problem with the clock).  I am now wondering if I am being bitten by the
Diamond bug and need to do something else to make my set up work (like run
something called freq???)?  I have made the Xconfig for this new version have
as much of the same information as the previous version to try to reduce any
errors.  I can't provide the speeds for monitor and card as they are at home.
If it helps I purchased the monitor in '88 and the card in 90(maybe early 91).
I have been thru the FAQ's and will be going thru the modegen tonight.  But,
I played with modegen before, thats how I came up with the 832x600 setting.
So, if modegen hasn't changed for this new version, it will probably be a
futile effort.  Any other help?

Gregg Jensen


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