Linux & yellow page

Linux & yellow page

Post by Jason Prie » Sat, 26 Jun 1993 00:45:54

        We have an existing yp server on a sun spark10.  I would like to know
if yp is available for linux.  People that I have talked to said that yp usually
comes with the operating system, and I didn't see anything about it in the FAQs.

1. problem with hosts & yellow pages

We are running SysV release (escape) 3.x. on a Stardent Titan 3040 named  
Cruncher's /etc/hosts file contains the names of the hosts that it nfs mounts  
directories off of, and the names of the YP servers on our local net.
On the last line by itself is a +, which, as I understand it, should cause  
cruncher to query the YP server if the host isn't found in hosts.

ypwhich reports properly the yp server.
ypcat hosts gives a complete list of hosts.

Other yp services such as password, seem to work fine.  What have I missed?


=> University of Alberta         Lab Manager, Space Physics Group <=        
=> tel:403 492-3713                             fax: 403 492-4256 <=        

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