memory consumption and X-windows

memory consumption and X-windows

Post by Jayakrishnan Raghava » Sat, 21 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am running ELF version 1.2.13 with 28 MB of RAM on a 486 dx2 system.
This system ran perfectly fine until I added 16 MB of ram (originally I
had only 12MB of ram).  I booted up linux with the floppy and tried to
start X-windows using startx.  The system just hung up - with no way to
get out. ctr-alt-del won't work and I had to press reset.  I tried this
time and again and the same thing happened. Finally I got the system to
boot and checked the free memory.  It reported that of the 28 MB ram all
excepting around some 1 MB is free!  This just doesn't make sense.  I
dont't have a clue what went wrong?

The kernel I am using is a recompiled one.  I clearly remember opting
out of the 16 MB limit while doing a make config before kernel compile.
I then tried to boot with the kernel which came with the installation.
Again the same problem.  I tried booting up with with the boot disk from
the boot/root disk combo.  I got the system to boot but got some warning
that there is a kernel mismatch (1.2.8 versus 1.2.13).   Otherwise
everything looked fine.  I found that the system is using only 5MB and
the rest is free.  When I tried to start X, it still hung up on me.
I could never recompile the kernel.  It crashed somewhere in the middle.
I have recompiled kernels in the past and so know for sure that I was
just following the procedure.  

If anyone can give me some suggestions, it will be very helpful.

You can reach me at this email address or at

Jay Raghavan


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