486 caches. beware, DTK does not cache properly

486 caches. beware, DTK does not cache properly

Post by Dave Deavou » Tue, 15 Jun 1993 17:48:18

 GHT> I do believe a way is needed to do cache testing. Not all PC
 GHT> designs seem to handle cache well. I have seen some other
 GHT> here tell of cache woes.

I agree completely.  Is there a mailing list or database Linux users can
use to research the different monthearboard and chipset vendors?  I'm
sure most motherboards work great with Linux, but I know one user
reported their CMOS being swiped (a gateway 386) and have seen posts
about several problems with external caches.  If there isn't any such
information store perhaps someone would consider setting up such a


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1. Pragma "no-cache" and Cache-Control "no-cache"

Hi people. Maybe someone of you can help me !!!

I'm Gabriele from Italy.

We have just installed an Apache server 1.3.1 on a Linux 2.0.33
server. Our web site contains pages that are daily updated and so we
want the user not to cache them anyway. So far, the only way to escape
this problem has been to let these pages pass through a cgi-bin
script. By this way, pages don't get cached.

Before that we tried with META tags inside the document as Expires,
but it seemed not to work correctly. Now we set the server to put
Headers in specified Directories (the ones that contains pages we want
not to be cached) - we compiled apache with mod_headers. And so we put
this on access.conf:

<Directory /usr1/www_tmp/htdocs/tlm/mostre>
AllowOverride All
#  Cache-Control  - HTTP/1.1  Header (Explorer)
#  Pragma - HTTP/1.0 Header (Netscape)
Header set Cache-Control "no-cache"
Header set Pragma "no-cache"
#ExpiresActive On
#ExpiresByType text/html "now"
Options FollowSymLinks

I tried this: that if we put Pragma header before Cache-Control,
Explorer (that use HTTP/1.1) ignore the last one. And Explorer does
the same if we insert any Expires header as the ones mentioned above
(we must comment them). Why? Netscape, instead, goes well.

Do you have any suggestions? Is it correct for you, or not? Should I
use  other headers or anything else?

And, how can I do not to permit proxies to cache these daily updated

Thank you everybody who'll pay attention to my message.


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