New Group to lighten Load

New Group to lighten Load

Post by Kai Petz » Thu, 13 May 1993 05:15:38

Quote:>comp.os.linux is so full that it is difficult to read the articles,
>I suggest the following.
>    comp.os.linux.FAQ or comp.os.linux.new_user
>    comp.os.linux.ports.and.patches or some other thing..

>    what about
>    :)
>    comp.os.linux.bleeding_edge
>    :):)

This is the very most important one -:)

Quote:>    :):):)
>    Ok the last there are jokes..but what about A and B?

Also, there are the personnal news groups for all the other Linuxers
(H.J.Lu, Werner Almesberger, and all the others ...) missing! Make
thousends of groups, so reading them all gets even harder. Do you
know, when you post a question, whether it is a FAQ, a rarely asked
question, a bug, a feature, or a missing feature?

Okay, create new groups, if it makes sense. But don't make thousends.
Make one group for questions about configuration and setup, but don't
make three for this (c.o.l.FAQ, c.o.l.new_user, c.o.l.config.my_VGAcard).

There is also room for a group, where general discussions should go. This
is a typical example of an article which should be posted to this group -:)

[trailer deleted]

Kai Petzke