wd80x3 receiver overrun

wd80x3 receiver overrun

Post by Dennis Robinson - Summer Inte » Sat, 24 Jul 1993 15:44:54

Earlier I posted about not getting my smc elite 16 to work
with the .99-6.  I got the tx light on the thing lighting up
now (because of config eth0, but I cannot ping,
telnet, ftp, etc out or in to the box.  Trying to
get out gives me a network unreachable error.
And trying to come in gives:

eth_if couldn't allocat ask_buffer size 256
eth_if : Receiver overrun

the tx light is flikering away with network activity.  I edited
the GNUmakefile giving I/O of 280 and IRQ of 10.

I edited Space.c defining :
<stuff deleted>
#define EI8390 0x280
<stuff deleted>

<stuff >
#define EI8390_IRQ 10


gave recieve memory start of 0xD0600 and end of 0xD40000
and gave memory start of 0xD0000 and end of 0xD3fff.

I also defined the irq and address in this structure.

If I am wrong anywhere or if I should just up to .99-10 and net-2 let me


Thank you linux community.


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