Problem installing Linux on AIR EISA/VLB motherboard

Problem installing Linux on AIR EISA/VLB motherboard

Post by brian selli » Sat, 16 Oct 1993 04:47:39

I have been unsuccessful in all my attempts to install
Linux on my new motherboard.  I have tried with an
Adaptec 1542C and a 1510 Adaptec controller.

If anyone has any tips, I'd appreciate it.  (I used
to have Linux installed with same current peripherals,
but an ISA motherboard, so I believe it must be a
problem with the motherboard.)

E-Mail preferred since I still have a mountain
to catch up with in this newsgroup.  Thanks.
Teresa Selling
South Bend, IN


1. question about EISA/VLB and EISA/ISA/VLB MBs

I'm currently in the process of upgrading my 386/40 machine to a 486DX2/66
machine and I need to buy a motherboard.  I have to have VL BUS since I
have a #9 VL BUS card coming. other than that I also wanted an EISA bus.
I'm finding it rather confusing and difficult to find true EISA/VESA
motherboards. most of what I find are "hybrid" boards that also have ISA
slots such as 3EISA/2ISA/2VL or such thing. and these tend to be
substantially less money than the true EISA/VL boards.

what I would like to know is what performance differences I'll see between
a true EISA board and one of these hybrid boards.  is the extra money for
the true EISA/VL board worth it?  will I run into difficulties or
incompatibiities with the hybrid boards that I wouldn't if I went with a
true EISA/VL board.  the reason I'm asking is that I'm thinking of breaking
down and buying one of the hybrid boards.

also some boards use 72 pin simms and some use 30 pin simms.  the 30 pin
simms are cheaper but again... is it worth the extra money to get 72 pin
simms and the motherboard that supports them?

please help clue me in on anything I don't know or may not have thought of.

oh it might also help to know that I plan on using the board to run the
Linux operating system if that makes a difference.

thanks for your time and advice I really appreciate it.

- Jeff

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