scsi drives forsale

scsi drives forsale

Post by Stanton L » Sun, 18 Jul 1993 02:38:53

Toshiba 1.05Gb disk
Fast SCSI-2
3.5", 1/2 height
12 ms, 512Kb buffer
3 year warranty

$895 + shipping.

Brand Spanking New.  Have 2 of them.

-stanton loh


1. FORSALE: Exabyte tape drive and Adaptec 1542 SCSI card

I've finally gotten organized and decided to sell
some of the electronic equipment that I no longer need.

Tape Backup:
  Emerald Systems Exabyte 8mm Tape Drive
  2.3 Gigabyte Capacity
  SCSI External drive with half-height drive enclosure
  Cheapest media in the world at about $4 per tape
  10 tapes and 1 cleaning tape included
  About 18 months old
  $550, negotiable

SCSI Adapter:
  Adaptec 1542CF with kit, SCSI cable, EZ SCSI software
  Costs $249 new (price from Computer Shopper)
  Less than 1 year old
  $200, negotiable

                                - Jeff
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