SLS 1.03: cannot open /etc/boot.env message on starting.

SLS 1.03: cannot open /etc/boot.env message on starting.

Post by Eric Dittm » Mon, 09 Aug 1993 17:50:03

I installed SLS 1.03 yesterday and now when I reboot I get the message
"cannot open /etc/boot.env".  I looked around and this appears to be
coming from /etc/init.  The file /etc/boot.env does exist and contains:


Any ideas?

Also, I seem to remember the shutdown from SLS 1.02 invoked /etc/brc,
but the one in SLS 1.03 doesn't.  Where can I get one that does?

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When linux boots the message 'cannot open /etc/boot.env' are printed.
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