XFree1.2, Any good Xconfig for TVGA9000 ?

XFree1.2, Any good Xconfig for TVGA9000 ?

Post by Pitt Chea » Sun, 28 Feb 1993 19:43:37

After upgraded to Xfree1.2, I thought I would be able to use colour mode X window with my TVGA9000. However, I am still unable to make the right clock timing, so I am still using 800x600 mono mode X. Could you give me some hints on how to make a right clock timing ? Or show me your Xconfig ?

Right now I am using the Xconfig modified from Xconfig.sample and have the clock set to 25 28 45 36 62 65 51 39.

Thanks in advance.

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1. X vga setup Xconfig for Trident TVGA9000 with VTECH 10765V

I know you've all heard this a hundred times already, but...

If anyone has successfully set up Xconfig for Trident TVGA9000 chip set with a
VTECH 10765V monitor I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.  Color
doesn't seem to get started at all, and I'm aware that the FAQ says other
people have the same problem, so I haven't bothered with that.  But I can't
get 2-color 1024x768 to work at all, even though MSDOS can do 16-colors on my
machine at that resolution.

Is there any documentation that explains what the numbers in the ModeDB
section are to mean when the interlace keyword is present?

Trident included a nice vga experimentation program called TVGACRTC which
includes a database accessible by a device driver of the same name.  The
database contains lines like this.  Does anyone know what the numbers mean or
how to use it to help setup X?

#mode  type  col row resolution clrs I/NI 3C2 3C5.D0 3C5.D1 3C5.E0 3C5.E1 3C5.0F 3D5.1E 3D5.1F 3D5/3B5(CRTC)
  5b  Graph 100  75   800x600   16   NO  ef   20      0     a8     40     70      0     89    7b 63 64 9e 67 8f 7b f0  0 60 1d 7f  0  0  0  0 5e 8a 57 32  0 58 7b e3 ff

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