A Thank you to the LFS team

A Thank you to the LFS team

Post by ne.. » Sat, 02 Feb 2002 05:51:01

Just wanted to say thank you to the lfs team for all the work, I now
have a nice system to play with without all the 'extras' distro's give,

1. THANKS: Java/Linux team!

I grabbed the JDK 1.1.1 last night and have it set up and tested it a
little.  No more going over to ...retch... gag... Win95 to do the latest

Thanks Java/Linux team for all your hard work!  It's what makes Linux
better than those Other Brands.


Bob L.

P.S. I didn't spot any src anywhere in the distribution... any reason
for this?


2. Xm include files

3. Thank you to the FreeBSD Team

4. PPP slow. Browsing slow but download fast

5. Just would like to thank the FreeBSD Team!

6. TEKRAM SCSI adaptators and 2.2.x kernels

7. Thank You to ALL the KDE Team

8. broken command tool

9. Thanks to the FreeBSD Team!

10. Thanks to the FreeBSD Team!!


12. thank you - thank you??

13. Thank you Joern Staudt(joesta), want u great help, thanks a lot .