SCSI disks

SCSI disks

Post by 2034 » Wed, 05 Aug 1992 16:52:07

Hello linuxers,

I've been using linux for quite some time now, but I'm not been
able to use it the right way. I've got a TMC 1680 SCSI controller
and two hdisks. Setting the IRQ at 5 gives no trouble, but
to be able to work while writing to disk, the IRQ value must
at least be 8, but selecting IRQ 10 (or something > 8) does
not work anymore.

Cat it be that the two drives are conflicting with each other.
The first is a synchronous Quantum LPS240S, the second a
Seagate ST1096N asynchonous.

The rest of my configuration:

386 25MHz Opti chipset with AMI bios
8Mb of ram and a copro
An archive tapestreamer with controller board (removing does
  not help)
Biostar VGA card (with an ACER chipset)

Kees de Bruin,


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I have a machine that boots off of an IDE disk.  I have a scsi card
(no bios) that works fine with linux.  I have a 414meg hitachi
(problem disk) and a 989meg Seagate.  On bootup, it detests both
drives, but as soon as it detects the Hitachi, I can hear the disk
spin down.  Then I get a message that says it is waiting for the disk
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machine won't boot, complaining of a fsck'ing error.

Please help
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