Xload not finding needed file

Xload not finding needed file

Post by Da Hubster! » Fri, 30 Oct 1992 18:29:59

I was trying to run xload and I got the foloowing error

xload: cannot get name list from /usr/src/linux/tools/system

can any one tell me what the contents of said file should
be to make this thing work...

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Xload not finding needed file

Post by Joost Helbe » Tue, 03 Nov 1992 17:11:56

: I was trying to run xload and I got the foloowing error
: xload: cannot get name list from /usr/src/linux/tools/system
This file is the generated operating system, before it is stripped down
to the file /usr/src/linux/Image, this file is booted from.
So just type:
cd /usr/src/linux
and wait for 15 to 30 minutes (hardware dependent) and type
xload &

You're not gonna tell me that you dont have any source! That is
seriously offending the intentions of the GNU copyright, please
enjoy having the source on-line!

(I've experienced the problem too, I'll make a patch for that,
its pretty easy, just like the ps -U option)

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