Zephyrs and Kerberos

Zephyrs and Kerberos

Post by Jason Thomas Mondana » Thu, 11 Nov 1993 06:17:20

HEy I'm trying to set up my Linux box to use kerberos
and Zephyrs as part of MIT's network. Unfortunately
I haven't found much documentation. Has anyone out there
gotten Zephyrs and Kerberos working with MIT's athena
if so I'd like to here how.


1. kerberos / hesiod / zephyr

At Iowa State our system runs a version of MIT's Project Athena, using
services like kerberos, hesiod, and zephyr.  I am currently working on
porting these to Linux.  If anyone has done this before or is currently
working on it, and would like to share ideas, please get in touch with
me.  I have hesiod working, and am now working on kerberos.

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