Anyone Gotten X11 working with an ATI VGA WONDER card?

Anyone Gotten X11 working with an ATI VGA WONDER card?

Post by David L Orm » Thu, 18 Jun 1992 08:04:10

Has anyone anywhere gotten X11v1.0 to work with the ATI VGA Wonder Card?

My best guess from all the docs Ive read is that it is imcompatible with
the card.  Even though X386 seems to take "ATI" for a chipset.  

Oh well, if anyone HAS gotten it to work with the ATI card please Email
me back, Ill post a summary back here, if I get any possitve results.

(Please include Xconfig, thanks)


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I was wondering which agp video card would be better with linux and my

1. ALL-IN-WONDER 128 pro 32mb, agp, rage chipset
2. all-in-wonder radeon 32mb, agp, radeon chipset

Right now (2) is my top choice because it appears to have newer
hardware and more functionality.  My other hardware is abit bp6 dual
celeron mbd (has 2x agp), 2 - 433mhz celerons, 756mb dimm memory.


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