0.99pl10: where is 'sigsetjmp' - what is lib/libemu ?

0.99pl10: where is 'sigsetjmp' - what is lib/libemu ?

Post by Ronald van Lo » Tue, 22 Jun 1993 22:06:45

I recently installed linux from the SLS distribution, and brought it up to
pl10 myself. 'Libc' is now up to the latest version.

When compiling 'seyon-2.03' I ran into the following problem:

gcc 2.4.3, according to 'setjmp.h' use 'sigsetjmp' for 'setjmp' for linux; yet
this function is nowhere to be found in neither shared nor archive libraries.

There is a library in lib however, with no extension, called /lib/libemu that
does have this symbol, but it is not clear what its function is.

So :

- where is 'sigsetjmp', or what library should it be in ?
- what is /lib/libemu ?

Please respond by e-mail if possible.
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Thanks in advance. . .

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