Do boot disks un-gzip the kernel?

Do boot disks un-gzip the kernel?

Post by Aric D. Blum » Wed, 14 Jul 1993 23:01:55

I recently posted an article "Is 2MB enough?".  I'd like to thank those
of you who responded, but I have tried all the suggestions given to me
to no avail.

Summary of problem:

Using SLS or the bootable-root, I get the following (or similar):

LILO Loading vmlinux.z
<It then prompts me for SVGA modes or <space>--either choice gives me:>
At least 2M of memory required by Turbo Ignition
 -- System halted

I have 2MB of memory:  640KB Base and 1408KB of _extended_.  My chipset
allows me to relocate the memory from 640KB to 1MB to the end of extended
memory--that's why 1408KB extended--but I get the same with or without it.
Shadow RAM is off.

I have examined the image to the 5rootdisk and the a1.5 disks, and it
appears that this "Turbo Ignition" message is part of a gzip executable.
I could be wrong, but it appears that the boot process loads the linux
kernel in gzip format and then tries to expand it in memory.  It appears
that when it tries to expand it is when I get the error.  I have gotten
the source code, but I grep 'Turbo Ignition' * and _cannot_ find it.  Can
anyone confirm that this is how linux is booted from floppies, and can
anyone tell me where to find out about this Turbo Ignition stuff or how
to get around it?



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   --- Bruce Danly

   --- Bruce Danly
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