still need printer help please please please

still need printer help please please please

Post by Hymi » Sun, 08 Aug 1993 17:20:56

hello again.

i'm still having trouble printing from*and ghostscript to my
9-pin epson compatible.

i can print*files, but the dvie72 that i use loses all blank vertical
space - double space, margins, etc.

ghostscript -sDEVICE=espon  prints what looks like the correct stuff,
but the spacing is off - both vertical and horizontal, mostly vertical.
it seems to put  extra linefeeds in the middle of lines.

when i display the files to the screen (dvips and gs -sDEVICE=linux), there
is no problem.  

lpr in general works.  i'm not sure what the problem is, but i'd like
to ensure that, when/if i can access a deskjet, the problem will go away.

does anybody have/had similar problems? known fix? sympathy?

thanx in advance.

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