Linux on a single disk PC

Linux on a single disk PC

Post by Paul Henni » Fri, 23 Apr 1993 02:10:54

With this talk of trying to get Linux running from a diskless PC, I was
wondering if someone has some insight to a problem I am having with
Linux on a single floppy.

I have put a compressed 0.99.8a* boot image,, and some stuff
from /bin and /etc on a 3.5" HD with LILO.  Once it comes up, I can NFS
mount fully populated subdirectory trees on top of /bin and /usr.  However,
if I try to mount on top of /lib, there are exec errors with and
everything fails (no statically linked programs).

Why doesn't it like loading over NFS?  Ideally, I would just like
to NFS mount the root filesystem rather than having to mount over major
subdirectories, but I can't figure out which root device to specify when
recompiling the kernel.

* The 'a' suffix is for the ALPHA-diffs being applied

Paul Henning


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Hi there,

For you Linux gurus.  I'd like to know if there's a tiny distribution of
Linux which can run happily on a floppy disk(s) on a machine without a HD?
I've recently moved all HDs from my old PC to the newer one but still wish
to run Linux and telnet to the newer PC at the old one.  I've looked into
several "single floppy Linux" web sites, but found no mention about this
specification.  Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but please, if you know
anything, I'd be interested to hear it.

Thank you very much,

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