Problem Solved : Playback of encrypted DVDs taking 50min to start

Problem Solved : Playback of encrypted DVDs taking 50min to start

Post by Stev » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 05:13:09


I solved my DVD issues.

I thought I would post how I did it here for others who might find
themselves in the same boat.

I have knoppix 3.2 (4/15/03 build ) on my machine.  I downloaded,
compiled and installed the latest greatest xine, libdvdcss.

Some encypted DVDS were taking 50min to decrypt and play.

At first I thought xine was jammed and could not play them until I
absent mindedly left xine running while I made dinner and "heard
noises" from my computer.

I learned that I had to "set the region"  of my dvd player.

A region is a spot on the dvd where the dvd player has to go to find
decryption and information to play the dvd.

Different countries/dvds have their playback information on different

This is done to prevent some people from watching dvds from some
( I am not an expert ).

Anyway, if you dvd does not have its region set, it attacks playback
by brute force.......with mondo decryption sessions.

To fix it, you need to get a region setting tool for gnu/linux.

This problem is mentioned in the xine faq:

The concept of regions are explained briefly in the xine howto:

There is a xine irc channel at:

There is an email list for xine users, the people there are very
patient and newbie friendly.  If you don't know or haven't thought
something they will help you instead of giving you an ROTFM or a

Good Luck



1. Solved: X takes 25 minutes to start!!!

Hi linuxers,
        I'm the Linux user who posted here asking for help because experienced
a strange lenghty (30 minutes) X startup.

Many thanks to all of you who posted here and/or mailed me for
suggestions and/or comments.
Now I know (many thanks to Bruce Janson for his suggestions) that it was
all due to my fault:

Our LAN (made out of some students' PCs) does not have a real nameserver
(in the sense that it is not up all the time), but we use instead the
/etc/hosts database and actually access the nameserver only when we are
"connected" (our nameserver acts as our SLIP gateway too).

I left our standard /etc/X0.hosts file (containing all LAN machine
names) in our LinuXterminals miniroot, but I forgot to add those names
to the LinuXterminals stripped down /etc/hosts file!!!

Now I think you've already guessed the point: the Pentium
"LinuXterminal" that I mentioned is actually our nameserver (limited to
4 MB RAM by mean of kernel option), so when I tested the other machines
(and the Pentium was down) they all got lenghty "Connection timeout"s
looking for X0.hosts machines IPs, while when I tested on our Pentium as a
LinuXterminal I got a fast "Connection refused" (from itself)!!!

I added the X0.hosts machine names to my LinuXterminal hosts file and now all works
fine (all Xservers start up in less than 15 seconds).

Now I'd like to submit my package (which includes an automated setup
script) to the Linux archive maintainer.

I know that there are various similar packages available through the
Internet, so I'd like to hear comments and/or suggestions from
interested people and/or authors/maintainers/improvers of similar
packages (maybe I'll repeat this in a separate posting later).

I think it would be nice to have a common complete Linux replacement (based on
cheap PC hardware) for all the features a commercial X terminal would


                                   Giuseppe Ragusa

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