login shell-init permission problem

login shell-init permission problem

Post by Gert van der Zw » Wed, 25 Aug 1993 22:58:37

after updating my system to version 0.99.11 i get the following
error messages when not loging in as "root":

shell-init: Permission denied
pwd: Permission denied
: Permission denied

any suggestion as to solve this would be welcome.


1. shell-init: Permission denied problems


I recently installed the latest version of SLS (1.03) and have been getting
the following message whenever I try to bring up an xterm from the workspace/
desktop menu:

shell-init: Permission denied.

Then, whenever I enter any command in that xterm, I keep getting the same
message. To get a working xterm I have to start it by "hand" from the command

Has anybody else had the same problem? If so, please post to this group, or
e-mail to me directly.

Thanks in advance!


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