Problems with permissons

Problems with permissons

Post by P Caus » Sun, 31 Oct 1993 04:46:49

: I have a slight problem with my permissions for rlogin.
: If I try to rlogin as my self to another machine I get the
: message :
: rcmd: socket: Permission denied

This is because rlogin's authentication mechanism is based on the
originating port checking. The rlogin client uses a privileged port
number that can be opened only by root, therefore what you describe
below is not surprising...

: If I do the same thing as root it works fine. Do I have to
: set rlogin SUID or is there some other way to fix this?

Yes, you have to do a chmod u+s on rlogin. There is no need to fix it,
this ain't no bug, this is a feature (!)

PS: if you are using pl13, get net-2's rlogin. The SLS' one is wrong.
Typical behaviour:
        rlogin: user defined signal 1

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