FixKbd & LILO

FixKbd & LILO

Post by Ralf Wir » Fri, 14 May 1993 20:06:45

Hi Folks!

We have two problems.
1. How to change the keyboard entry with the command fixkbd to german style
with the new SLS distribution command
2a. installing LILO under the following conditions.
MBR /dev/hda
  Ms-Dos /dev/hda1
  Linux /dev/hda2

Ms-Dos and Linux both exists on a primary partition.
After trying to install LILO the MBR tries to execute the active Linux partition but end with the error-message "no operating system"
2b. installing LILO under these conditions:
OS2 Bootmanager.
c: DOS (primary)
d: DOS (secondary)
e: OS/2 secondary
after that: Linus (primary).

I would like to launch the Linux System from the OS/2 Bootmanager.
(But it doesn't work.)

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Did you ever try to press F8 when starting up Win95? You will get a menu
that lets you go to MS-DOS mode. This MS-DOS mode works exactly like DOS
6.2. You don't need a partition with DOS...

Sorry, I have no answer...

Try to have a look at the LILO docs.

                 Regards, Jesper.



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