Functions/methods called from C++ programs/methods

Functions/methods called from C++ programs/methods

Post by Mikael N?sber » Tue, 04 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I wonder if anybody knows of a tool to get a list of functions/
methods called from C++ programs/methods. I know there are such
tools for C (cxref, calls, cflow, etc), but I am not yet aware of
any similar tool for C++.

Mikael Nasberg


1. Calling C++ methods from a shared library function

I have a situation where I need to dynamically load some functions, and
those functions need to call methods in objects that exist in the main

I have declared the functions extern "C", so that dlsym() finds and
runs them OK.

In order to access the object in the main executable, I pass a pointer
to the object as a parameter to the loaded  function.  I seem to be
able to call methods through the pointer to the object, as long as
there are no parameters to the methods.  As soon as I try to call a
method that takes parameters, I get an undefined symbol error with the
mangled name of the method.

I double-checked with nm, and there is a U with the mangled name in the
shared library, and a T with the exact same mangled name in the

Does anyone have any hints how I should get around this error?


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