Software Modeling With CRC Cards

Software Modeling With CRC Cards

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QuickCRC Linux 1.0
Software Modeling With CRC Cards

Placitas, NM ? March 26, 2002 - Excel Software today announced QuickCRC
for Linux, an object-oriented design tool that automates CRC (Class,
Responsibilities and Collaborations) cards.  Software designers can
quickly identify object classes, relationships and related information
before writing code.  CRC cards are well suited to lightweight
development approaches like Extreme Programming or as a front-end to
larger modeling efforts using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
Books describing CRC cards include Designing Object-Oriented Software by
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Brian Wilkerson and Laura Wiener, Using CRC Cards
by Nancy Wilkinson and The CRC Card Book by David Bellin and Susan
Suchman Simone.

QuickCRC provides a workspace for quickly creating cards, adding
attributes, responsibilities and collaborative relationships between
cards.  Information entered through dialogs or by direct on-screen
editing is automatically updated throughout the model and reflected in
reciprocal relationships between cards.  Designers identify external
agents that form the system boundary and create and simulate scenarios
that exercise the software design. In addition to grouping cards and
scenarios into separate diagrams, each card can be assigned a
namespace.  Namespaces can partition large projects, map cards to
different code folders or allow greater selectivity when arranging,
listing or printing cards.

The Cards From Text dialog is an alternative way to create cards by
typing names or selecting words from a text specification. The
automatically generated inheritance graph can concisely express the
relationships between thousands of cards. Information entered on cards
and scenarios can be verified, imported, exported or listed as text or
HTML reports.  Printed cards can be used during interactive CRC team

QuickCRC saves a project as an XML file, making design information
easily accessible to a wide range of industry tools like editors and
parsers.  Projects created with QuickCRC Linux can be directly opened
and edited from the Windows or Macintosh edition of QuickCRC making
design work shareable across platforms.

CRC cards can be used to quickly collect information in working team
sessions before expressing a design in UML.  QuickCRC provides a data
link to MacA&D, WinA&D or QuickUML for UML modeling.  It also works with
MacTranslator and WinTranslator to automatically generate CRC cards from
existing C++, Java or Delphi code.

QuickCRC Linux is priced at $295.  Site licensing information, product
descriptions and online ordering are available at
Excel Software has over 15 years of experience in providing tools to
thousands of Macintosh, Windows and Linux developers in over 30

Excel Software
Ph: (505) 771-3719
Fax: (505) 771-3718


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