Howto install new locale (was: Howto convert UTF-8 to lower/uppercase)

Howto install new locale (was: Howto convert UTF-8 to lower/uppercase)

Post by Michael Enk » Thu, 09 May 2002 21:13:47

I have a machine with redhat 6.2.
The version of locale is 2.1.3
This version has (at least at this machine)
no locale de_DE.utf8 or any other *.utf8
But I need to do conversion of UTF-8 chars (lower<->upper).
Is it possible to install a new locale? (I want to avoid to install new version of locale if possible.)
I took the directory de_DE.utf8 from a machine
with version 2.2.2, "locale -a" did show me de_DE.utf8
but if I call setlocale() in my program the behaviour is like de_DE.
Any ideas?



1. Howto convert UTF-8 to lower/uppercase?

I have two bytes, representing the german ? (lowercase "o umlaut") in UTF-8, 2 bytes:
I have to convert this to uppercase, the same encoding.
I have tried the following:
mbsrtowcs          -> convert bytes to wide chars
wctrans("toupper") -> to get a descriptor
towctrans          -> to convert to uppercase
wcsrtombs          -> to convert wide chars to byte

I exported LC_CTYPE to UTF-8
But I get an error at mbsrtowcs: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character
If I have only ASCII, it works.
Does anybody have experience with this?


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