Qt-GL MultiThreaded Prog: error: Xlib: async

Qt-GL MultiThreaded Prog: error: Xlib: async

Post by Santhosh Naraya » Sat, 09 Jun 2001 04:48:07


        no answers were given.
        I've read ur posting reg Xlib: async error when
        multi-threaded Qt-GL programming is done for MPEG Frame display.
        I also have exactly the same programe. It's working fine in RH7.1 in
        some IBM i686 PCs and not in some others. All we have here are
        IBM i586/ i686 s only. Diff might be in processors. That's it.
        But I'm getting similar error on certain PCs.

        If u got a solution/ plz post onto usenet as well as mail to me
        Thanx in advance


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1. "Xlib: unexpected async reply" error.

Since we install patch (HP9000) to upgrade to Motif 1.2.2, this error occur
very often with my Motif applacation.

Do I need another patch??



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