HylaFax on linux

HylaFax on linux

Post by Vishy Ramakrishn » Sat, 22 Jun 1996 04:00:00


Interested to know if any on else out there is running HylaFax on linux "successfully".
If so, ever faced a setup problem where the scheduler was unable to run?

For example faxmodem gave the following error.
FIFO: open: No such device or address

faxstat gave the following error.
HylaFAX scheduler on linux1.bws.com: Not running

I have traced my problems to the apps not being able to open a FIFO file.

Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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for all running hylafax a short notice. i upgraded libtiff from 3.5.1 to
3.5.5. the sofware which requires 3.5.5 worked fine, but hylafax receiving,
sending and coverting (fax2ps) was broken. after researching i found that
the libtiff interface was changed to 32 bit. bringing libtiff 3.5.1 back on
the system lets hylafax run again smoothly.


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