gnome and panel applets

gnome and panel applets

Post by Rei Shinozu » Mon, 08 Apr 2002 07:22:18

how does gnome remember which applets have been added to the panel
when you relogin, or when the applet crashes or exits?  i have
some sample programs which do not reappear when you log out and
log back in again.

in addition, gweather sometimes dissapears if i run my notebook
without internet connection and gweather never comes back, i need
to add it back.

there's some gnome panel magic afoot...   i've attempted to
peruse the .gnome directory, but it's not nearly as simple as
an .xinitrc file...




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Every now an then, my gnome panel will discard an applet, and from then
on it is nearly impossible to get it back.  I can add it for the sesion,
but no mater what it's gone next time I log on.

Any cluse?  I have RH6 and the gnome from there...



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