Assume privileges?

Assume privileges?

Post by Chris Smit » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

If I have a process running as root, can it assume the priveleges of a
specific user for a little while?  The process would be doing stuff on
behalf of a user, and the security needs to be in place.

Even better, can I assign a privelege to a specific thread?

Thanks for your help,

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1. privileged IDs and non-privileged IDs

hi all,

I wonder if it is a popular and good practice to create separate IDs for
different purposes? More specifically, if I am a system administrator of
a system, do I create 2 IDs for myself: One is for normal
(non-privileged) use, the other to administer the system? (The root or
superuser ID is not to be used as far as possible.)

What convention do people normally use for the privileged IDs?

Thanks in advance!


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