ncurses-1.9.9e/terminfo's console/linux files

ncurses-1.9.9e/terminfo's console/linux files

Post by Piet W. Plo » Fri, 13 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,

Just compiled debian's tcsh 6.06-3. It runs fine, but on virtual consoles
(tty[0-9]+) a terminal problem arises; under X all is well.

The new tcsh loads ncurses:

ldd /bin/tcsh => /lib/ => /lib/

and, as I found out, ncurses requires the terminfo files. The OLD (1994)
terminfo c/console file we used (generates colors with dialog, setterm and
color-ls) sends wrong codes when scrolling. Result is 0G in the upper-left
corner and wrong cursor position.
I renamed console and re-made the original symlink to ../l/linux.
That solves the problem, but also removes all color handling.

I untic'ed both console entries, and both mension colors#8 as capability.

What on earth am I doing wrong? What sets the 'console' term types (no it's
not /etc/login.defs, /etc/ttys, or /etc/ttytype, neither is it in the binaries
of getty, login, init (2.64) or the kernel.

My system is initially sls 1.03 based, but gradually shifted to slackware.
Now it is ELF, kernel 2.0.19 (yes a new "stable" kernel every day :-(),

We run an old (a.out based) setterm. The sources have'n changed since 1992. Is
there a replacement somewhere that runs ok under elf and links with ncurses?

And what about dialog 0.6c? Why do distributions still use 4.x?

In short, I'm stunned; guru's, please help.


Piet W. Plomp, ICCE, Groningen University         |     ---   __ o    __~o


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As part of my upgrade to kernel-2.0.26, I upgraded binutils to 1.8.5.  The
loader is a bit more particular about the correct soname in the various
libraries, and ldconfig gave errors about /usr/lib/libncurses soname
not agreeing.  I had upgraded ncurses using the ncurses-1.9.9e.bin

After a bit of investigation, I located the source distribution of
ncurses, and in the file the library versions were set as

This was giving links (in /usr/lib)   -> ->

Changing to
  SHARED_ABI=1.9 has cured the problem.

Also, the new include files were put in /usr/include, not
/usr/include/ncurses, which on recompling things (notably the
screen driven conifg file generator with the 2.0.x kernels) failed to
match the library. (I can't recall the exact error...).  So I moved
/usr/include/ncurses to /usr/include/ncurses_old.

I hope this is helpful to someone ....



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