Where are ld86 and as86?

Where are ld86 and as86?

Post by Raymond Abbi » Sat, 27 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I have 2 identical systems, originally Slackware 3.0 but now quite a bit
modified. On the first system I upgraded to gcc 2.7.2, binutils,
ld.so 1.7.14 and libc 5.2.18 without removing the original packages.
After finding a couple of links I forgot, I was able to compile my kernel
(1.3.81) with no problem. On the second system I used pkgtool to remove
the old gcc and binutils and then upgraded (as per the gcc upgrade info
that has been floating around). When I tried to compile the kernel all
went fine until it was almost complete. Then the compile failed with a
message that as86 could not be found. And sure enough, it was nowhere on
the system. After much digging around, I finally found that according to
the original Slackware package as86 was part of the binutils package. I
couldn't find it in the binutils upgrade so I copied (what I assume is the
old version) from my other system and tried the compile again. This time
everything went fine until the makefile called ld86. Same situation. Not
there, not in binutils distribution, copied from other system, all went

So what am I doing wrong? I made my kernel compile work, but is something
else going to break because of this?



Where are ld86 and as86?

Post by Mike Cast » Sun, 28 Apr 1996 04:00:00


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1. as86/ld86 problems compiling 1.3.35 kernel

As always, I'm afraid I may be posting a question that's been answered
a billion times, so please bear with me if that's the case.

I'm attempting to compile the 1.3.35 kernel, which I've done successfully
before.  Of course, that was before I updated my system to be ELF compatible.
In so doing, I upgraded to gcc-2.7.0 and binutils-2.5.2l.17.  Now when I try
to compile the kernel, as86 complains that it doesn't know the -0 option.
This occurs near the end of the process, in arch/i386/boot.

Should I just go back to an older version of as86 (and ld86)?  Or is there
something else I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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