DNS failures with Netscape 2.0

DNS failures with Netscape 2.0

Post by Russell Johnsto » Sat, 14 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I have got sort of a lead on this Netscape/DNS problem, though I haven't
had time to work on getting it running.  Those Mozzilla-heads linked
against a fairly old libc, it seems.  There is an active discussion of
the problem going on among the library development folks, readable at


Look for articles w/ subject "Netscape 2.0 and libc 4.6.26" and "Failed
DNS Lookup over slow links in NetScape".

Good luck.  Again, do post or let me know if you get good results, and
I'll do the same.

Russell Johnston


1. Netscape 3.0b4 DNS lookup failure, then it works.

I don't recall having this problem in previous Netscape versions
through 3.0b3 in a.out.

I am running 3.0b4 on a completely separate ELF'ed system with kernel
2.0, modules-1.3.57 and patched ppp-2.2.0e set up to autologin with

If I load Netscape with its default home page, it gives me a DNS error
that it could not locate 'home.netscape.com'.  Yet as soon as I clear
the error window and enter 'http://home.netscape.com/', it takes me
there without any trouble.

Likewise if I start without a home page and then click on a help topic
or new document template/wizard.  As soon as I clear the DNS error
window, I can click on the same thing again and it works.

It seems to take slightly longer than a minute to call, log in and
negotiate the PPP.  I tried setting the sleep statement in
request-route to 90 seconds, but I still get the DNS error about a
minute into the call (when it failed to connect during a first call,
the DNS error appeared a minute into the second automatic attempt).

Anyone else having this problem or know how to resolve it?

Does Options/Editor Preferences work for anyone (Netscape totally
disappears on my system)?

WARNING: If loading pages for editing by FTP, beware that it may
change your links to ftp:// links including your username and password
(talk about a security hole)!

David Efflandt/Elgin, IL USA

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