hardware near prot from DOS to LINUX

hardware near prot from DOS to LINUX

Post by Peter Bauma » Thu, 04 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi folks!

I have a problem porting some code from DOS to linux. The code is from a
library to control an imaging technology frame grabber on the PCI-bus. The
following code fragment is an example for stuff from the library. There is
a lot of this in there, but everything is similar to the fragment. The code is
supposed to detect if the PCI-bus is present and results in a segmentation
fault when issuing "int 1a". I found the kernel code pci.c, but I don't
understand it. Could some kind soul please give me a hint, or give me a pointer


Thanks a lot!

ciao, Peter

        unsigned short hwmech,il,lpn;
        int      ret_status = 1;
        unsigned int    pci_signature;

        unsigned char pci_fun_id = PCI_FUNCTION_ID;
        unsigned char pci_bios_pres = PCI_BIOS_PRESENT;

        __asm__ (
                 "mov %%ah, %4\n\t"
                 "mov %%al, %5\n\t"
                 "int $0x1a\n\t"
                 "jc bios_not_present\n\t"
                 "mov %0, %%edx\n\t"
                 "mov %1, %%ax\n\t"
                 "mov %2, %%bx\n\t"
                 "mov %3, %%cx\n\t"
                 : "=d" (pci_signature), "=a" (hwmech), "=b" (il),"=c" (lpn)
                 : "a" (pci_fun_id), "a" (pci_bios_pres)
                 : "ah", "al"

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