ANNOUNCE: Xinvest 2.1

ANNOUNCE: Xinvest 2.1

Post by Mark Buse » Mon, 23 Sep 1996 04:00:00

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                                                            Sept 20, 1996

This release (2.1) contains enhancements over the previous 2.0.1 release.
See "What's New" for what's changed.  

Where is Xinvest?
-- the source

-- Linux ELF statically linked binary


Xinvest requires Motif 1.2 (or later) and XPM.
-- XPM


What is Xinvest?

Xinvest is a personal finance tracking and performance tool.
With Xinvest you can:

Centralize record keeping by storing all transactions in account specific files.  
Calculate total and annualized returns including the effects of buys, sells,
and dividends. This provides a means of comparing the results of all accounts
in a portfolio, be they CDs, bonds, mutual funds, or your checking account.

View various transaction parameters such as share price, shares per transaction,
transaction cost, transaction value (at current price), dividends, internal and
total return, and/or cumulative and moving averages of the above.  Plots are
transaction based bar or date based x-y charts.

View overall value weightings of accounts in a portfolio.  Specify categories,
what percent of an account is in that category, and which accounts are of
interest and Xinvest will tell you the value and percentage of all categories
in the defined portfolio.  Predefined is a account category to view weighting,
of accounts in the total portfolio.  Categories are hierarchical, so you can
zoom into the makeup of your portfolio.  View in text and pie chart form.

A Financial calculator with common equations is provided.  Included are FV,
PV, FV of sum of payments, and periodic loan payments.

Hopefully, all of this is displayed using  an easy-to-use, point-and-click
interface.  There are few command line switches, no dot files, and X resources
are limited to color and font selection allowing you to tailor the look of the
tool to your own preferences.


GIVE ME YOUR NEED FEEDBACK!  Especially on the new multi-account graphing
controls.  Are they too complicated, unwieldly, too awesome for words?
Help decide what gets added next!  See WISHLIST below.

What's New 2.1

1. Graph colors are now application resources.  You may specify
   Xinvest.color[1-8] resources and these are the colors that the graph and
   portfolio pie charts will use.

2. Plot running internal and total return.  Now you can plot these
   values at each transaction point in the transaction history.

3. A new plot mode: multi-account.  The functionality of previous versions
   is preserved and now called single account mode.

   Single account mode:  select any number of plot variables.  As the displayed
                         account is changed the plot variables selected remain
                         the same, but reflect values in the new account.

   Multi account mode:   select which variables are of interest in each account.
                         Changing the displayed account shows which plot
                         variables are currently active in that account.  The
                         displayed plot includes ALL selected plot variables
                         from ALL open accounts.  This allows the price
                         (or any other plot variable) for all (or some) open
                         accounts to be displayed simultaneously.

4. New display of plot legend.  Because of change 3 above a new control
   for plotting was developed.  Next to each toggle button that selects a
   plot variable is a pixmap showing how that variable is displayed on the
   graph.  In multi-account mode the legend only specifies the key for that
   account.  To view the key for other accounts requires displaying that
   account.  In single account mode, the key is the same for all accounts
   (since only one account is plotted at a time).

5. Tweak to the function calculator display: now the equation used is displayed
   along with the previous "word problem".

6. Some host specific tweaking:
   Unixware:        define NEED_STRCASECMP or link against libucb.
   DEC UNIX/Alpha:  removed whitespace preceding preprocessor directives


1. Portfolio return: return (IRR, TR) of all currently open accounts.

2. Reports: generate a report with financial info you select.  Includes
   anything in the graph routine now, plus yield, and time frames
   (30 days, YTD, since inception).  Perhaps even on an account or portfolio
   *** I need your suggestions as to what to make available and how
   to display it.  How about a pop-up window or generating HTML.
   If a popup window, is scrolling ok?  My feeling is that it would be nice
   if it could be usually a scrolled window, but also constained to fit full-
   sized on the desktop for capturing to a file for printing.  I don't think
   this will fit in the current graph window. ***  

   Until CDE printing support is built-in AND CDE becomes available for Linux
   real print support from Xinvest is unlikely.  Anybody else feel like they
   are being lapped by MFC?

Here are some other ideas I'm kicking around.  If you have an idea don't be shy,
let me know!

3. Modify show points to show only buys, or sells, or divs, etc.
4. A transaction editor dialog.
5. More Motif 2.0 features like the container widget for transactions and
   portfolio hierarchy.
6. Fill out the stub session management support.  Remember what was open/
   selected at last login.
7. Glaring ommisions: stock splits, fix multi-transaction on one date plot
   _feature_, really support load/fee specified in transaction.
8. Import current/historical price data from somewhere.  Where?