Wanted: xftp that preserves file dates/times?

Wanted: xftp that preserves file dates/times?

Post by Dr. Stephen S. Ker » Mon, 14 Aug 1995 04:00:00


Does anyone know of a version or flavour of xftp for linux that preserves
the dates and times of copied files?  I have looked at xftp-2.2 and
llnlXFtp2.0.3 from the directory linux/X11/xapps/networked on most linux
ftp sites, and although these programs are both very good, they don't
appear to have any option to preserve file dates and times.  Perhaps no
version ever has?

Stephen S. Kerr


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I hope i can drop my question about Linux shell programming here?

I'm writing a script in bash to find files. I'm using the slocate
programm, which is being runned every hour using a cron job, to create
it's database.

Now i want to know how long it is ago that the database has been
recreated. Zo i need to check the date and time from that file and
compare it with the current date and time. I know there must be easy to
do but i can't find the trick to do it.

Maikel van Gorkom

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