ANNOUNCE - Aview 1.1 - an ascii art image browser (less broken version)

ANNOUNCE - Aview 1.1 - an ascii art image browser (less broken version)

Post by Jan Hubic » Thu, 21 Aug 1997 04:00:00

        Since version 1.0 was very broken (released in a hurry) there
is bugfixing 1.1. Only known problem at the moment is that aaflip
don't work at non intel platforms. There is many fixes and also
some new features. Most notable are MS-DOS version, support for
all p?m file formats, user interface for aaflip and asciiview
script that browses many image formats using ImageMagick or NetPBM

What does this software do then ?

        aview is an high quality ascii-art image(pnm) browser and
animation(fli/flc) player usefull especially with lynx browser.

Supports: dos (VGA + MDA), stdio, curses, slang, X11, gpm, linux-console

 o      High quality ascii art rendering
 o      Portable
 o      Save into many formats (html, text, ansi, more/less etc...)
 o      Contrast, Bright, Gamma control
 o      Image zooming/unzooming
 o      Three dithering modes
 o      Hidden "bonus" features :)
 o      Inversion
 o      Support for bright, dim, inverse attributes/extended
        character set

What is PNM file format?

        PNM if an graphics format similiar to GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and
others. Aview uses it because of its simplicity. Many free or shareware
conversion tools from other graphics format exist (ImageMagick, NetPBM
for UNIX, alchemy for DOS and others.) So you should use aview to
browse images in many graphics format. UNIX version has script that
does conversion automatically (using eighter NetPBM (preffered way)
or ImageMagic conversion program. FIFO is used to do not waste your
disc space so conversion is fully transparent. Under DOS and other
operating systems you probably need to do it yourself.

 o      Fixed bugs in Makefile
 o      Do not require efence anymore
 o      Configure script
 o      Fixed memory leak in flip.c
 o      Hide cursor
 o      Extended documentation
 o      Faster animation preloading
 o      Uses faster memcpy/memset functions
 o      image.c now reads P1 - P6 file formats (pgm, ppm, pnm both raw/ascii)
 o      gifview obsoleted by asciiview - new script that uses eighter
        imagemagick or netpbm tools to convert image using fifo.
        So it is fast and saves memory/disk space
 o      Added some keys into aaflip - contrast, bright, gamma tunning etc.
        Press 'H' for help

Where to find Aview

subscribe aa

   All programs covered under AA-project can be obtained at

   Or just browse our homepage at `'. A ton of
examples of ascii-art generated by aalib, pointers to other AA-Project
resources etc.


                               dT8  8Tb
                              dT 8  8 Tb
                             dT  8  8  Tb
                           dT    8  8    Tb
                          dT     8  8     Tb

Three goals of AA-Project:

  1. Port all important software (like Doom, Second Reality, X windows
     etc..) on AA-lib.

  2. Port AA-lib on all available platforms (mainly ZX-Spectrum and

  3. Force IBM to start manufacturing MDA cards again.

   AA-project was started by Jan Hubicka. In that times just a few
people knew about it. Then a new demo named BB has been relased to show
the power of AA-lib technology. Now the project is freely available and
anyone can help.