GPL project looking for 3D programmer

GPL project looking for 3D programmer

Post by Bruno Barberi Gnecc » Mon, 19 Jul 1999 04:00:00

        I'm developing a program called Unlimited Simulator. It's hard to
explain what it is in few words, but you can simulate ANYTHING in it. Cars,
spaceships, animals, whatever; interaction with objects (which can be
animated and "intelligent") is allowed, and it's playable by internet or
        Most of the code of the simulator is ready. There's an alpha version
at the URL in my sig, below; however, my little experience with 3D graphics is being a
pain. I already wrote an engine, but it fails to work and there are
several problems with it.
        So, I'm looking for someone to help me. The simulator is released
under GPL, and developed under linux (I'm using GGI). The only requirement
is previous knowledge of 3D graphics and C. You'll have complete freedom to
do what you want in the code. If you have a ready 3D engine and want to
use it, no problems; the only issue is that it must be able to render
landscapes and not insides, as most engines are worried.
        Thanks a lot,

Did you *REALLY* check that interface between the chair and the keyboard?

Electric Engineering at Polytechnic School, USP :: Unlimited Simulator Homepage


GPL project looking for 3D programmer

Post by Peter Hanel » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Ambitious project.

I am familier with 3D graphics and C, and would be interested
in helping out.
Peter Hanely   =/\=
computer software etc. in Sac. Ca
Take a look at my shareware offerings.


1. Funding GPL projects or funding the GPL?

In a recent discussion about developers running out of money (arch,
perl) and what can we do for helping them I can up with an idea. I'd
like to share it with anyone in the list even though it'll probably be
disregarded or flamed. The Kernel may well be nicely funded, because of
companies supported. But that's not always the case, and the schema just
fails in a lot of key areas of OSS.

Why post it here then? Because for it to work it must be supported by
at least some of the grand developements of OSS.

Here's the actual idea, which actually is a slashdot repost

Re:Isn't dual-licensing with the GPL perfect for t (Score:2)

(User #525414 Info |

Yes, but that underfunds the projects. You can see this clearly when
Microsoft can sell lots of buggy software and of the best OSS developers
can't earn a decent salary.

I'd love to see a new license, that could be called the fGPL. That would
be the "Funded GPL". To be able to use fGPLd programs you'll HAVE to
contribute some small amount of money to the fGPL foundation. You'll not
be required to pay for any individual fGPL software, just a plain simple
yearly $10 or $20 charge. And you will be able to distribute exactly
where that money goes, among all the different projects. If you can't
pay $20 a year it will be no problem, just a bit penalty: all fGPL
software would be free as in beer once the year passes (old releases).

The money paid to the developers would only cover salaries and some
expenses that are needing to continue developement. So if any proyect
gets over-funded, you'll be noticed that you must reasign some of your

It'd always be free as in freedom. We only need to bring some beer for
that to happen. It'll also kill the anti OSS argument that the system is
for comunists or anti-american. I know that is FUD, but do your
representatives know that? It will also kill most of the other FUD
targeted at OSS and will also bust developement to unknown levels.

What do we need for this to happen?

To have the Linux Kernel, the Red Hat distro, mplayer, X and gcc (for
example, could be others as well) adopting the fGPL for the next
releases. After that, we'll see most every GPLd program adopting the
fGPL. After that, you'll start to see how much sense it made to pay $20
a year. And even the ones that can't pay (if any) will be able to use
the software (though 1 year old, but their hardware si severla years old
for sure).

This is my opinion. I'd gladly pay the $20, as long as EVERYONE ELSE
pays their $20. That's why we don't see many donations now: because you
have this felling everyone else is just waiting for a fool like you to
contribute to project X in order to save it.

------------- end -------------

Thanks for everything and to everyone here!


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