Help needed to attach pppd (Linux) to serial driver

Help needed to attach pppd (Linux) to serial driver

Post by Mikko Jaakkol » Tue, 17 Sep 1996 04:00:00


My problem is following:

How can I get data read from pppd.
I need to use regural read and write to communicate
with other end but I seem to get only some *
when I read from the serial port.

Thinks goes like this:

I'll open serial port in one end and I
start pppd as an server

on the other end I have already started pppd as
an client. pppd's talk to each other nicely
but then when I need to transfer data between
links I'll get some funny stuff (first about 10
bytes of *and then my data).

The clients end is connected to Linux's ip-stack
and the servers end should be connected to my own
protocol stack. ppp should only be a link-level
protocol. I have tried to read from serialport
after starting pppd but like I told you thinks are
not going well.

Do I need to use slattach or something else to fix
this problem? I'm using C in my program.


University of Technology of Tampere, Finland