cross-platfrom C Library question

cross-platfrom C Library question

Post by <- Chameleon -> » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 04:15:50

Is there a cross-platfrom easy to use C Library which plays MPEG, MPEG2,
AVI, ASF files?

I know for AVI files there are many formats but I mean something like OpenIL
(DevIL) which opens many images format but for Video

Preffered License: GNU or BSD



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It looks like the first signs of cross platform .NET applications are
appearing. At least their infrastructre does, at least.


I tried to see if slashdot has a story about it, but it seems to be down.
I tried both directly and through the
Pinged it, too. No response.
However, my internet connection is a little flaky at the moment, so it might
be just me.
Can you verify it?

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