A qeestion for linuc c source code flowchart?

A qeestion for linuc c source code flowchart?

Post by shiu » Wed, 24 May 2000 04:00:00

Do Linux has software that can switch linux source c code to flowchart?

1. building a flowchart from source code

Are there any programs that can take fortran
source code and produce some sort of flowchart.

I have source code for a program with over 400
subroutines.  I need a flowchart for this program
so that I can safely modify the code.

I am working on both a,

        dec 3000/400S axp    with an OS:  OSF1 V1.3

        sgi crimson     with an OS:  IRIX 4.0.5

Any help would be appreciated.

Jason Taylor.

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