Help needed finding a solution (REPOSTED)

Help needed finding a solution (REPOSTED)

Post by Neil Evert » Sat, 24 Nov 2001 03:47:30


        Apologies for the report by doesn't seem to have
posted the original.

        I've been given a task which is as follows ;

Create a Linux box with Cyclades 8 port card installed (done RH7.2,
works OK)

It needs to be able to accept an incoming  call and then work out
whether it's;
1) Dial-Up Networking connection (ppp)
2) Kermit
3) Zmodem
and if it's 2 or 3 then auto-receive the files coming in.

I've got RH7.2 working with pppd running fine, but I'm now wondering
if this is the best solution.

I've seen freeradius and portslave (but not used either), has anyone
used one or both of these ?

Also does anyone know if minicom can auto-detect and auto-accept
zmodem or kermit ?

I did the original project many years ago on DOS, but we're looking at
upgrading to a multi-tasking/user environment and I've pushed Linux
hard (against very M$ orientated people) and now I want to try and get
a solution in place ASAP before anyone changes their mind.

I also need to be able to accept a proprietary protocol which I have
to code in myself, which is another good reason for open-source ;-)

I will be honest in that I've already resigned myself to a complete
re-develop using my own-rolled libraries, etc. but I'd rather 'cheat'
if possible ;-)

Any help/ideas appreciated
Neil E.

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isp given ip----(router)

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