Qt Designer datatable wizard

Qt Designer datatable wizard

Post by Kenda » Fri, 23 May 2003 04:08:04


When using the datatable wizard with Qt Designer I'm able to
successfully connect to my SQLServer database using QODBC3. The
<default> connection shows up in the "Database Connection" column, but
none of the tables show up in the "Table:" column. All of the odbc
test tools, perl code, etc. can connect fine. I'm only having issues
with Qt Designer. Thanks.

RedHat 8.0
FreeTDS 0.61

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Hi all!
I'm sorry for the OT, but I hope that someone might know this: today I
decided to start and learn QT 3.0 and so I opened the designer that comes
with the head qt-copy in kde3 cvs. I started with the tutorial, i.e. the
clipboard reading program. There is a point where the tutorial says to
click on the "Source" tab of object browser and to click on the folder
"Class Variables". The tutorial says that there should be also a folder
with "forward declarations" and some oter thing, but the point is that I
can see only the "Slots" folder! Under it there are the fields "Public"
Private" "Protected" but nothing else... do I have smething misconfigured
or is this some bug?

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