semaphore problems

semaphore problems

Post by Andre′ Kemp » Fri, 06 Jul 2001 20:25:52

I have encountered a strange problem with semaphores.

I'm trying to synchronize several writer-processes which write to a
therefore they are able to lock their write-procedure via a binary
semaphore. the problem
is when one of the servers terminates, the oncetime binary-semaphore
gets incremented to something
greater then 1.

I've tried to change the sem_flg flag of the sembuf structure, with no

Any hints????




int Writer::Run()throw(SemaphoreError){

        int i;
        pid_t pid = getpid();
        semun arg;

        struct sembuf sop_acquire,              //sembuf-struct zur
Dekrementierung der Semaphore
                      sop_release;              //sembuf-struct zur
Inkrementierung der Semaphore

        semun semun_arg;
        //Initialisierung der sembuf-struktur sop_acquire
        sop_acquire.sem_num = WAS;
        sop_acquire.sem_op = -1;
        sop_acquire.sem_flg = SEM_UNDO;

        sop_release.sem_num = WAS;
        sop_release.sem_op = 1;
        sop_release.sem_op = SEM_UNDO;

        while (1){

#ifdef _DEBUG
                cout << "Before Acquiring: " <<
semctl(semid,WAS,GETVAL,arg) << endl << flush;
                        throw SemaphoreError();
#ifdef _DEBUG
                cout << "Locked State    : " <<
semctl(semid,WAS,GETVAL,arg) << endl << flush;

//BEGIN kritischer Abschnitt

                (*db) = i = (rand()%20);

                cout << pid << ": Just wrote " << (*db) << " into
                cout << "Reader_Semaphore : " <<
semctl(semid,RES,GETVAL,semun_arg) << " Writer-Semaphore : " <<
semctl(semid,WRS,GETVAL,semun_arg) << endl;

//ENDE kritischer Abschnitt

                        throw SemaphoreError();
#ifdef _DEBUG
                cout << "After Release   : "
<<semctl(semid,WAS,GETVAL,arg) << endl << flush;

        return (1);



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Another strange thing is that when the application fails we use
ipcs to delete all semaphores.  This seems to have no effect,  
the semaphore_get routines still fail.


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