HPRTL output from GhostScript?

HPRTL output from GhostScript?

Post by Edmund Humenberg » Sat, 11 May 1996 04:00:00

I need to print postscript to a large inkjet printer.

he does understand HPRTL. This is a quite common standard.

Any ideas?


please reply by mail.


1. TCP/IP Printing -- Ghostscript output not working

I have successfully attached a HP Deskjet to a Xyplex MaxServer 1100
terminal server.  The terminal server in question does not have an
"lpd" service, but rather using the script that was found in the Linux
Printing HOWTO I am able to open a tcp/ip connectino and stuff basic
text data to it.  

Using Ghostscript I have directed my output of a postscript document
to a file but configured for the Deskjet.  I then try to print the
printer "image" using the script mentioned above.  The output is a few
lines of "garbage."

I would reason that the byte stream that is opened via the tcp/ip
script is not handling the binary data properly.  Can anyone help me
with a fix?  I really do ppreciate it, and am more then willing to
summarize back to this group with my results.

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